Cleaning blitz for Weston

The Weston area of Bath is enjoying a cleaning blitz through the village just as the autumn leaves are starting to fall on pavements. A dedicated street-cleaning team has been active along Weston High Street as well as other areas ensuring the pavements and roads are kept in tip-top condition for motorists and pedestrians.

Conservative Councillor for Weston, Colin Barrett, helped organise the cleaning blitzes with Council Officers to complement the regular cleaning team which he has already secured for the area. Conservatives on Bath and North East Somerset Council have said improving the appearance of Bath is one of their top priorities and have recently invested in a new chewing-gum cleaning machine as well as helping fund the ‘Deep Clean, Keep Clean’ initiatives to ensure all areas of Bath benefit.

Welcoming the Weston clean-up, Colin Barrett (Con, Weston) said:

“Like many parts of Bath, Weston is a really attractive area to live in and it is important we keep it that way. I welcome all the efforts that are being put in to keep the area clean and remove piles of fallen leaves which could otherwise cause a nuisance. I meet regularly with the Cleansing department’s area manager, Bill Walters, to ensure our area is kept clean and free of weeds. I have also organised for a dedicated cleaning team to visit Weston on a regular basis and I would like to thank the team for all they do.”