Chew Valley Core Strategy event ‘a great success’

An event organised in to gather the views of residents in the Chew Valley on Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Core Strategy development blueprint has been hailed ‘a great success’.

The drop-in event took place at Temple Cloud village hall on Friday 3rd May. It was organised by the area’s Conservative councillors after the Liberal Democrat-run Council refused to stage an official consultation event in the Chew Valley.

Councillors in the Chew Valley have thanked residents for the strong turnout at the event, which was attended by over seventy people from across the Chew Valley and Mendip area, as well as by North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

At the event members of the public were provided with information about the Council’s development plans and were able to give their feedback on the proposals to their local councillors. The authority’s Core Strategy states that rural areas will be expected to accommodate around 950 new homes over the next sixteen years, with most villages expected to grow by between fifteen and fifty dwellings, depending upon the amenities they have available.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Tim Warren (Cons, Mendip) said:

“The Core Strategy event was a great success and we’d like to thank all the local residents who took the trouble to come along and give their views. It was really helpful to us as local councillors to be able to listen to what local people think of the Council’s plans. It’s a shame that B&NES didn’t organise this event itself, but we can use the information we gathered from residents to feed back to the Council.”

Cllr Vic Pritchard (Cons, Chew Valley South) added:

“The feedback we’ve got so far from residents and parishes is that most villages are able to accommodate some incremental growth, so long as it’s in appropriate locations. What people don’t want to see is large-scale housing development on greenfield sites outside a village’s development boundary. It’s vital that B&NES works with local communities and Parish Councils to agree plans which are right for their villages.”

Chew Valley Core Strategy event ‘a great success’

Chew Valley Core Strategy event ‘a great success’