Campaign victory for residents fighting to save parking spaces

Residents of a quiet road in Keynsham are celebrating the success of a campaign to save local parking spaces from being turned into a dedicated lay-by for buses.

The dispute centred on a request by the town’s Dial-a-Ride service to turn a stretch of Sherwood Road into permanent parking bays for its mini-buses. The charity, which provides a dedicated bus service for local elderly and disabled residents, recently moved its office into a building on the road and had asked the council to mark out space for three of its buses on a lay-by currently used for parking by residents.

However, residents of Sherwood Road said that they were not consulted about the plans and launched a campaign to save their parking spaces, which they say are already in short supply.

The campaign was backed by local Conservative councillor Alan Hale (Keynsham South), who was contacted by the residents. Councillor Hale contacted both the council and Dial-a-Ride raising the concerns of the residents. Following this action, the Dial-a-Ride has now agreed to use the agreed bus spaces at the town’s Civic Centre instead, approximately a five minute walk from the Dial-a-Ride office on Sherwood Road.

Cllr Alan Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) commented:

“Residents of Sherwood Road have been up in arms about the possibility of losing their parking spaces to a dedicated lay-by for mini-buses, and I can’t blame them. They were in no way consulted and indeed neither was I.

“We do not want to stop the Dial-a-Ride using the road, but giving over three parking bays to the buses was completely unfair on the residents.

“We therefore welcome the fact that the Dial-a-Ride has now agreed to our request to park their buses elsewhere. It’s a shame this situation arose because residents of the road have told me that they support the work of the Dial-a-Ride and in fact many people living on the road use the service. I very pleased that this situation appears to have now been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, and I would like to thank Cllr Brian Simmons, Chair of the Dial-a-Ride, who helped resolve this. I will continue keep an eye on the situation with residents.”