Campaign success for Victoria Park road safety

Work has started to improve road safety on a popular route into Bath’s Victoria Park. A new pedestrian crossing is being installed near the entrance to Victoria Park on Weston Road, which is used by many local parents and children to access the park.

The new crossing is being installed after local residents raised concerns about road safety at the spot with local councillor Colin Barrett (Con, Weston). Acting on these concerns, Colin joined forces with local residents to campaign for a crossing to be installed along the busy Weston Road to improve access to Victoria Park.

Following the success of this campaign, the crossing is now being built to improve safety near the busy junction of Weston Road and Park Lane, which is already a popular crossing point to Victoria Park.

Cllr Colin Barrett (Con, Weston) welcomed the campaign’s success, saying:

“Local residents, and particularly grandparents and parents with children, will be delighted that this new pedestrian crossing is being installed just in time for the busy summer holidays.

“Improved road safety at this spot has been needed for a long time, so I am extremely pleased at the success of our campaign. This is a popular crossing spot into Victoria Park and ensuring that local children can access and enjoy the park safely is extremely important. It’s great to see the extra cash put into road safety having a direct affect in our area.”