Campaign success as Tesco store promises to improve product range

A local Tesco Express store in the Weston area of Bath has bowed to pressure from the local community to improve its product range after receiving a petition organised by local councillors in the area.

A petition signed by over 300 local residents was organised by the area’s Conservative Councillors Colin Barrett and Malcolm Lees. The petition called on the supermarket to expand its range of day-to-day household items and cut down on the amount of snack food. In particular, local residents have called for the branch to expand its range of cooking products, frozen foods and ‘value’ goods.

Now, after receiving the petition and holding conversations with Malcolm and Colin, Tesco’s area manager, Juliette Bishop, has confirmed to the Councillors that the store is now to improve its range of goods.

The store has given an undertaking that the amount of space used for sandwiches and cold snacks will be reduced along with the amount of space given over to soft drinks, and will instead increase the number of day to day items and enlarge the space available for special offers. Cllr Lees has asked for further details of the improvements to be sent to him in writing.

Councillor Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) said:

“Local residents in Weston will be extremely pleased to hear that Tesco has listened to their concerns and plans to act on them. Our campaign and petition has been a big success. Since the store changed from being a Somerfield last year, many local people said that they were having to travel further to get the every-day items they need, but this will hopefully change from now on.”

Cllr Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) commented:

“I’m sure that these changes will benefit both Tesco and local residents, with the store increasing its number of customers. By working with Tesco to improve the situation, this could also hopefully help other local traders by keeping shoppers on Weston High Street rather than travelling to the larger supermarkets. We will continue to monitor the situation and welcome any further comments from local residents.”