B&NES Conservatives reject Government ‘bin tax’

Following news that the Government is to plough-ahead with plans for ‘pay as you throw’ bin taxes, local Conservatives have denounced the idea as “bad for residents and the environment”. The Government recently passed legislation which, from January, asked local Councils to trial schemes that would introduce new charges for waste collections. Conservatives in B&NES have rejected the idea and have said they have no plans for fortnightly collections.

Conservatives in Bath and North East Somerset have said that these extra charges would hurt families struggling through the recession and would be harmful to the environment. New bin-charges are likely to cause increased fly-tipping and bonfires, causing more damage to the environment. The Conservatives have said that instead recycling should be encouraged by making it easier for residents through initiatives like same-day waste and recycling collections, something which is set to be rolled out in B&NES this year.

B&NES Conservative Cabinet Member in charge of waste and recycling, Cllr Charles Gerrish, said:

“New bin taxes would harm families and harm the environment. We have ambitious targets to reduce waste here in Bath and North East Somerset, but we must encourage people to recycle and not simply penalise them. Families with children naturally produce more waste and it would be these people that would be hit hardest by the plans, something which cannot be right.

“We have not taken up the offer of running a bin-tax trial here and we have no plans to introduce fortnightly collections. This year we will be rolling out same-day waste and recycling collections which will make recycling easier for residents, but slapping an extra tax on families is not the right thing to do.”