B&NES awarded transitional relief funding by Government

Bath and North East Somerset Council has been awarded a total £1.8 million of transitional relief funding by Government.

The funding will be spread over two years and is designed to provide temporary financial support to the authority whilst longer-term efficiency savings are identified and Council departments adapt to new ways of delivering local services. 

The announcement of the additional funding comes after the Council’s Conservative leadership met with Government Ministers in January to spell-out the difficult nature of the initial financial settlement that was published by Government in December. 

B&NES Conservative Leader Tim Warren, who visited Parliament last month to meet with Ministers alongside the Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance & Efficiency Charles Gerrish, said:

“It’s good to see that Ministers listened to the concerns we put to them last month about the difficult financial situation we face here in B&NES and have acted on these concerns.  Obviously this funding is only a one-off and represents a relatively small proportion of the total savings we still have to make, but any additional funding for our local area is always welcome news.

“This funding doesn’t reduce the longer-term savings that still need to be made in the years ahead, and due to its one-off nature this money can’t be used to fund on-going commitments.  However, what it can be used for is to provide temporary support to local services whilst the Council adapts to new ways of delivering these services and continues work to identify further efficiency savings in the years ahead.”