Bishop Sutton – 35 homes given go-ahead, 41 rejected

Bath and North East Somerset Council has granted permission for 35 new homes to be built on land off Stitching Shord’s Lane in Bishop Sutton. However, a second application to build 41 houses on the other side of the village on Wick Road has been rejected.

The decision on the two applications was taken by the authority’s Development Control Committee last Wednesday, 13th March.

The decision to refuse permission for the 41 houses has been welcomed by the area’s local councillor Vic Pritchard (Cons, Chew Valley South). However, Councillor Pritchard has said he is extremely disappointed that permission was granted for the 35 homes by Cappards Farm, having argued against the plans at the meeting.

Councillor Pritchard joined with the Parish Council and local residents in calling for both applications to be refused or deferred, arguing that they did not accord with the Council’s recently agreed Core Strategy development blueprint, which envisages only fifty new houses for the village over the course of the next sixteen years.

Residents campaigning against the plans have said they will be considering whether to challenge the decision to grant permission for the 35 houses.

Following the meeting, Councillor Vic Pritchard (Cons, Chew Valley South) said:

“Whilst I welcome the decision to refuse the larger 45-home application, I’m extremely disappointed with the decision to give permission for 35 homes outside the village’s Housing Development Boundary. Both residents and the Parish Council are naturally deeply unhappy with the outcome.

“I believe insufficient effort has been made by the Council to defend against these applications, which I consider to be spurious and opportunistic.

“The Parish Council has been clear that it can meet the requirement of delivering fifty houses over the next sixteen years without the need for large greenfield development outside the housing development boundary. New housing should be built in an incremental sustainable manner with the support of the local community.

“At the urging of Conservative councillors, B&NES has agreed to look at extending the area’s Greenbelt to the south of the district. I would like to see Bishop Sutton benefit from an extension to the Greenbelt in order to protect against future unwanted developments.”