Bath traveller site costs – Conservative comment

Commenting on reports by B&NES Council that the authority’s new traveller site on Bath’s Lower Bristol Road is ‘on time and on budget’, Councillor Tim Warren said:

“It’s quite something for the Council to claim a project is ‘within budget’ but then not state what figure that budget actually is.

“In total, when you add in all the planning costs and highway works, this 13-pitch traveller site is costing taxpayers’ more than £2 million to build. This surely has to be one of the most expensive traveller sites in the whole country for the number of pitches it contains.

“What’s even more extraordinary is the deal that the Lib Dems have agreed with the contractor – which means that the taxpayer has paid all the cost of building the site, but will keep none of the rent collected. Instead, all the rent collected will all go to the contractor, and if two pitched remain unoccupied for more than a year, then Council will have to cough-up half of the rent.

“The way this project has been mismanaged by the Lib Dems has to be one of the most costly and embarrassing episodes B&NES has witnessed since the Spa debacle.”