Bath Transport Strategy – ‘better late than never’

Work is finally set to begin on creating an overarching Transport Strategy for Bath, nearly two years after Conservative councillors first called on Bath and North East Somerset Council to start work on just such a strategy.

The council has revealed that it is planning to spend £140,000 on producing the new transport strategy, with work set to take place on developing plans over the next twelve months.

The news has been welcomed as ‘better late than never’ by the city’s Conservative councillors, but have warned that work needs to be undertaken quickly if the city is to benefit from Government infrastructure funding. Conservatives first called for such a strategy to be put in place nearly two years ago after the authority’s ruling Liberal Democrats scaled-back previously planned transport improvements contained within the Bath Transport Package.

Cllr Patrick Anketell-Jones (Lansdown), Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development, said:

“Conservative councillors have been pressing B&NES on the need for an integrated transport strategy for two years now, so we’re obviously pleased the Council has finally agreed to take up this idea. We’re just disappointed that it’s taken so long for the Lib Dems to get on with this work.

“At the moment, the Council is pursuing piecemeal traffic solutions which don’t fit into an overarching vision for Bath’s transport system and in some cases are making congestion worse. Hopefully by developing a wider transport strategy we can instead see the Council pursue a more integrated transport approach.

“Having a proper transport strategy in place is also vital to securing Government infrastructure investment, and with more such funding being devolved to local regions the need to begin work quickly becomes even more pressing.”