Anger over badly-painted pavement markings

Residents in Bath’s Weston village, backed by the area’s local Councillor Colin Barrett (Cons) have expressed anger over the poor quality of new white-markings which have been painted on various footsteps in the area.

Councillor Barrett was contacted by residents of Greenbank Gardens last Friday, 30th January who raised concerns over the quality of newly painted markings on the edges of the steps leading to Crown Road, which were due to be repainted following a number of reports of accidents on the steps.

When Councillor Barrett arrived to inspect the work, he discovered that the painting appeared had been carried out using an aerosol spray, rather than a paint brush or masking, and that the spray was uneven and had also covered litter which had been left on the steps. The following day, Councillor Barrett was also informed by the shop keepers in Brookside house that steps near the shops had suffered the same fate.

Councillor Barrett has contacted the Council to demand an explanation and ask that the work be re-done as a matter of urgency.

Councillor Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) said:

“I couldn’t believe the state of the steps. The spray paint had got everywhere, including all over leaves and litter which hadn’t been picked up.

“It was a really unprofessional job, and already the paint, which appears to be of a poor quality, is chipping away and getting on people’s shoes. Residents in the area are understandably very angry at the poor quality of work undertaken, and I’m demanding that the Council come and re-do the paint immediately. This is totally unacceptable.”