Anger as residents’ parking schemes delayed further

The introduction of Residents’ Parking schemes on roads surrounding the Lansdown, Weston and Newbridge areas of Bath have faced a further set-back, sparking anger from local residents and councillors.

The planned Residents Parking zones had been expected to be implemented over the summer after residents were consulted on proposals earlier this year. However the plans were put on hold by B&NES Council’s Liberal Democrat administration following May’s local elections pending a review of Residents Parking schemes.

Following questioning by Conservative councillors, the Lib Dem Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Roger Symonds, previously indicated that an announcement would be made on the future of the schemes by the 18th November. However, no decision has yet been taken and no firm date has been set for when one will be.

News of this new delay has met with outrage from local residents and Conservative councillors who have campaigned for the schemes’ introduction. Conservative councillors in Weston, who have backed the schemes’ introduction as a way of addressing residents parking problems near the RUH, have said they are dismayed by the most recent delay to implementing the plans.

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) said:

“The continued uncertainty surrounding this planned residents parking scheme is completely unacceptable. The Liberal Democrats have delayed these plans yet again, despite the fact that residents were consulted on the proposals nearly a year ago now and the majority were shown to be in favour of its introduction. We were promised a decision by the 18th November, but we’ve had no further news on progress with implementing these schemes. No one is being kept informed and residents are understandably becoming increasingly angry and fed up.”


Cllr Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) added:

“Parking problems on roads surrounding the RUH have been a serious issue for many years on which we have been liaising with the Council, the hospital and residents for a long time. We thought a solution which suited the vast majority of people had finally been agreed upon, but these plans have now stalled. The Council should come to a decision on this immediately to remove the uncertainty for local residents.”

In Landsown, residents associations have been meeting with council officers over the past eighteen months to discuss proposals for parking permits in Richmond Hill and Sion Hill.

Cllr Patrick Anketell-Jones (Cons, Lansdown) commented:

“Residents here are very disappointed with the lack of news surrounding the future of these Residents Parking zones. We have been given no real reason why these proposed schemes, which residents have campaigned for, have been delayed, and we still don’t know when we will get an answer.”

Cllr Tim Warren, the Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“It’s very unfair of the council to continually delay this decision and keep residents in the dark. Local people were consulted on the plans earlier this year and had expected them to go ahead. The Cabinet Member should really be explaining to these residents why it is taking so long to reach a decision.”