Action taken to resolve ‘eyesore’ front garden

Action has been taken to remove overgrowth from a front garden described as an ‘eyesore’ by residents of Willow Walk in Keynsham, nearly four years after neighbours first reported the problem.

Residents living near the property said their lives have been blighted by the ‘forest’ of untended vegetation, which included brambles as tall as the roof of the house.

The area’s local councillor Alan Hale has spent some four years working with Council officers to try and resolve the issue and has welcomed the fact the vegetation has finally been cut back.

Councillor Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) said:

“The first time I visited the property I was amazed to find what I thought was a tremendously high hedge along the boundary of the house. However, when I remarked upon this to a neighbour, I was told it was not actually a hedge but was in was the product of overgrown vegetation from the front garden. When I walked out into the road I realised that it was almost impossible to see the house at all as the whole garden was a solid block of vegetation, with a mass of brambles from one side of the garden to the other. The brambles reached as high as the roof, with branches entering the house through the windows.”

After discovering that the back garden was also contained mature overhanging trees and roots entering neighbouring gardens, Councillor Hale began what was to become a lengthy process of working with the Council to try and find a resolution to the problem.

Alan Hale added:

“Obviously we had to be conscious of the fact this was a private property, so we first tried to contact the owner, who it seemed had moved, and ensured that we explored every possible avenue to resolve the matter. Eventually council officers had to resort to legal action to encourage the owner to take steps to sort out the matter, following which some of the vegetation was trimmed back.

“However, neighbouring properties recently reported to me that all the vegetation has now been removed and we believe the property has been sold. I have visited the house and the transformation has been profound, with work also underway on doing up the property. This is an excellent outcome for local residents, who I know are overjoyed. This is the type of work that gives me great pleasure as a local councillor: being able to make a positive impact on people’s quality of life. I wish the new owners of the property great success in their renovation and welcome them to Willow Walk.”