Action taken on early-morning construction lorries in Keynsham

Following pressure from Keynsham South Councillor Alan Hale, further action is to be taken to prevent large lorries from accessing the K2 ‘Meadows’ housing development before early in the morning.

The problem of large lorries accessing the site before the agreed 9am start time was raised with Councillor Hale by local residents after a particularly bad few weeks of noise and traffic disturbance.

As a result of these complaints, Councillor Hale visited the site on Monday morning to see the situation for himself.  At 8am local residents’ peace was shattered as three large earth moving lorries appeared along Park Road, followed a short while later by a fourth particularly noise wagon followed.

Councillor Alan Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) said:

“It became clear to me the disturbance that the locals were suffering quite early in the morning, and within one hour there were eleven movements of heavy goods vehicles.  I spoke to the site manager who initially held the position that as the wagons were not delivering anything but were coming on site to remove earth, they were not controlled by the planning conditions of no HGVs serving the site before 9am and after 3.30pm. I pointed out to him that whether or not they were serving the site they were still able to cause a danger to local children going to school and that if Taylor Wimpey were going to split hairs and play with words rather than work within the spirit of the conditions I intended to make a great deal of fuss about it.”

Following the site visit, Cllr Hale spoke with the Council’s lead planning officer, who instructed enforcement officers to look into it.  As a result, the planning enforcement team contacted developer Taylor Wimpey, who stated that they had issued an instruction that all HGV movements of whatever nature had to comply with the times set out in the planning conditions.

Cllr Hale added:

“I’m pleased that my early morning observations and evidence gathering rattled enough cages within Taylor Wimpey, I sincerely hope they will now do as they have promised, because this cannot be allowed to happen again. If there is harm to the neighbouring community then there is always the chance of a temporary Stop Notice being issued. This company has to be reminded that they are visitors to our town and that one expects visitors to respect the local community. This is particularly important as we now have them on the other side of town as well developing the Somerdale site.”