75 new residents’ parking spaces to be created in central Bath

A total of seventy-five new residents-only parking spaces are to be created in central Bath, aimed at making parking easier for local residents and freeing-up more pay-and-display spaces for shoppers.

The new parking spaces are being created by Bath and North East Somerset Council in response to demand from local residents for more on-street parking to be made available in the central parts of the city. The plans have been produced by the Council in consultation with local residents and ward councillors in the areas affected, with the new spaces largely being created by changing current parking restrictions such as alterations to yellow lines.

Fifty-eight of the new parking spaces are to be created within the Central Zone residents’ parking area, with a further seventeen in Zone 1.

Councillor Anthony Clarke (Cons, Lansdown), B&NES Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said: 

“I’m delighted that the Council has been able to respond to requests from residents for more dedicated parking spaces to be created in central parts of the city.  We have produced these changes in consultation with local people, and where comments have been made about the proposals we have taken them on board and made amendments to the plans where possible.

“In total, seventy-five new residents’ parking spaces are being created across the Central Zone and Zone 1, which we hope will make it easier for local residents to find a parking space near their home whilst also freeing-up some pay-and-display spaces as well.”

The creation of the new parking spaces has been welcomed by local Conservative Councillors in Kingsmead and Abbey wards, who have been pressing the Council to take steps to try and ease residential parking problems on city-centre streets. 

City centre councillor Peter Turner (Cons, Abbey) commented:

“It is very welcome to have, at last, this extra parking in areas of higher residential density. It has taken some time to implement but, once in place, these additional parking spaces will be of great benefit City Centre residents.” 

Kingsmead councillor Chris Pearce (Cons) added: 

“I’m pleased to see the Council taking steps to try ease some of the problems residents in parts of Kingsmead have in finding a parking space near their home. Creating these new residents’ parking spaces illustrates our commitment to putting residents first.”